How Only a 10-Minute Meditation in a Day Can Boost Your Energy

Energy is an elusive thing for most of us. Getting us through a regular day of expected productivity, the reservoir of life-force seems to drain out.  From ordering a good, strong cuppa from Starbucks to carrying cans of RedBull in your purse, the world is ready to spend every day for a tinsy bit of extra energy. What we are overlooking in this endeavor is the reliance on something that is at best a temporary boost, and at worst amounts to ingesting health-hazardous substances. Meditation on the other hand, a method all about focusing your mind on matter, offers a way veritably to do more with less!

Here is how just a 10-minutes break between tasks can relax you and bring out your full potential:

Stress-Response Is Altered With Regular Meditation

The acute stress phenomenon that modern lifestyle is plagued with, is by and large a self generated problem. Also, most people happen to mismanage stress till it burgeons and spirals completely out of control.

This leads to the unnecessary triggering of the stress hormone – “cortisol”, responsible for all the heat-of-the-moment flight or fight decisions we take to regret later. Regular meditation has shown to neutralize this energy-draining chemical.

With reduced stress-responses, you can not only manage situations more sensible but also get a bonus of energy! Aspiring yoga teachers and lifestyle coaches today recommends something like a Yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, a program in which stress-management is a big part.

Improves Circulation in Frayed Muscles

It scientifically supported and well documented how meditation alters physiological functions of the body. Specific points in the brain are targeted to achieve a deep state of relaxation. Post-meditation, participants experience a calm, slow, and steady reduced heart rate. The muscles frayed from exhaustive hours at work then receive better oxygenated blood flow, making you feel rejuvenated immediately! Pranayama or deep breathing asanas – an important segment in any acclaimed 200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh is the formula for reducing the strain of overworked muscles.

There Is No ‘Crash’ After Experiencing an Ecstatic ‘High’

External stimulants have side effects and short lasting, yet we fall in the habit of drinking back to back hot beverages for a quick fix to our energy problem. Temporary energy rechargers like these cannot come without an inevitable crash. Try drinking a big cuppa when you are exhausted at noon and staying on unfrayed till night! Well don’t, for a caffeine fix can leave you more exhausted than you were when taking it. A 10 minutes brief meditation break will take perhaps as long as you take to down your cuppa, but leave you well-rested and vitalized for a longer span. Maybe it’s time you drop your caffeine fixation along the way too as you build a stronger foundation in meditation!

Better Sleep with Meditation Results in More Energy

To start a day on a fresh note, you need to wake up well-rested and early. Sleep is essential to energy. Chances, of you going to bed obsessing over your to-do list, stressed and worn out, it’s gonna cost you a night of good rest. To achieve well-earned unplugged sleep time, you can take to 10 minutes nidra meditation. Train your brain every night to go on the ready-for-bedtime de-stressed mode. It is claimed that dedicated practitioners are able to maintain unwavering mental awareness even in the dream state – lucid dreaming! Every-vitalizing sleep is thus a step towards heightened awareness without running out your batteries.

‘Growth-Hormone’ and DHEA Boost

So, what are these two critical chemicals that are responsible for keeping your charge on and thus provide an overall sense of wellbeing?

DHEA is a common component found in energy supplements market. However, the compound is known to make people overly dependent and also, fails to work on many. Meditation on the other hand is known to boost your natural cache of DHEA. Age is known to deplete DHEA levels leading us to feel more lethargic as the years add up. But with the boosting power of meditation, you can keep age at bay for longer.

Growth Hormone is the chemical responsible for girth, stamina, and strength. The outer manifestations of this hormone are at their peak during puberty and continue to secrete well into one’s youth. It is a critical component for increasing motivation and reducing fatigue. On attending a month-long 200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, you can come back refilled with more of this biochemical energy boost.

A Meditatively Trained Brain Can Effectively Stay Charged

Meditation is somewhat like a brain upgrade to an energy saving mode. Let’s explain this analogy further.

In the prehistoric era, the average human brain used to function more through Amygdala – the “fear center” rather than the prefrontal cortex. While the prefrontal cortex is responsible for thoughts and emotions, the amygdala generates impulsive reactions. You will have less control over your functions if your brain is conditioned to operate through the later. Though in modern times an average man responds more through the prefrontal cortex, the sway of amygdala is not entirely lost.

With regular meditation, you will be able to slowly upgrade your brain to its superior potentials and reduce fear-centric responses. Just like a smart device with 10 apps running in the background and constant functioning in the forefront means clear disarray and low battery life, so is the same to be run on the amygdala ‘fear center’ of the brain.

To be meditative however, is like running yourself on the airplane mode– you don’t run out of power but function like a pro!

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Manmohan Singh is a passionate Yogi, Yoga Teacher and a Traveller in India. He organize 200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh. Manmohan Singh conducts Yoga Teacher Training in India in different cities. He loves writing and reading books related to yoga, health, nature and the Himalayas.


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