200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training

Interested in learning to teach Yoga?

Yoga Generation is not currently hosting a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training Program. We are currently running a 35hr Aerial Yoga Teacher training, and a 55hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training.

Learn More about Aerial Teacher Training

Learn More about Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Generation & Kushala Yoga

Kushala Yoga and Yoga Generation are locally-owned and operated yoga studios in the Tri-Cities that support your health and well being through the guidance of highly-trained instructors, the creation of safe and welcoming spaces, and the respect of your individuality and self-expression. Although our studios are independent from each other, we share a goal of offering yoga practices that recognize the traditional roots and contemporary developments of yoga.

Nicole & Prestonne have both trained with Kushala Yoga, and recommend their 200hr Teacher Training program to those looking for a reputable, authentic & local school.

Find out more about Kushala’s 200hr Yoga Teacher Training Program.