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 Access Live Virtual Classes with your favourite Yoga Generation teachers, and receive the recorded session to practice at a later time! All of our studio memberships include unlimited virtual classes.

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Once you have purchased your pass, you can sign up for virtual classes on our schedule page, the MindBody App, or on our MindBody site. Before the class starts, you will be emailed a Zoom link to access the class. After the class, you will receive a class recording to practice with for 24 hours.

All you need is a phone, tablet or computer, and your Yoga mat!

New to the Virtual World? We are here to help! Please contact us directly with any questions, concerns or help! Email us at info@yogagen.ca or call us at 604-475-2244.

Yoga Gen Virtual Schedule

9:30am – Vinyasa
7:00pm – Hatha
12:00pm – Flow into Yin
8:00pm – Pajama Yin
8:00am – Strength & Stretch
10:30am – Hatha
12:00pm – Vinyasa
9:30am – Flow into Yin
8:00pm – Pajama Yin
9:30am – Hatha
10:30am –Strength/Stretch
11:00am – Hatha

Can’t make a scheduled class? No problem. Sign up for the class, and you will be emailed a class recording to practice with for 24 hours.

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“Yoga Generation online classes have been an invaluable lifeline over the last chaotic year! The talented, caring teachers inspire motivation to return to my mat over and over with the convenience and safety of practicing from home. Their newer class offerings “Pajama Yin” and “Flow into Yin“ are beautifully tailored to address the collective stress and burnout we are all feeling right about now. Thank you, Yoga Generation, you are truly a GEM in our community”

Kate M

“When I first joined the Yoga Gen virtual studio, I was skeptical. I wanted to support this wonderful local studio, but had not done in person-yoga classes for a while and was unsure that virtual classes would be enough to bring me back to this practice. I’m so glad to say that I was very, VERY wrong. The variety of the online classes offered is great and, since you receive a recording link after each class you sign up for, I can always find a practice that suits my needs. The quality of the virtual classes are as close to in-person offerings as possible. The instructors are always open to suggestions and feedback, and are quick to respond to any questions/technical issues. Thank you, Yoga Gen, for offering virtual classes in these uncertain times, and for renewing my love for this practice and community! These classes have kept me sane, grounded and connected, and for that I am so grateful.”

Alyssa M